Rescue dog goes on rampage in Spain’s Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol as he tries to BITE OFF new owners fingers


A rescue dog went on the rampage this morning as it tried to bite it’s new owners fingers off on Spain’s Costa del sol at his new residence in Benalmadena

A newly homed rescue dog, only in his new home for 2 days, went on the rampage in Benalmadena this morning severing its new owner fingers so badly she required 15 stitches as blood oozed from the wounds and was rushed to Benalmadena hospital.

Badly bitten fingers

The woman, Mrs Taylor, had a very lucky escape with nurses saying that she was lucky not to have at least one finger after the crazed dog lost the plot.

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Although the dog, now named Rufus, will still be allowed to settle in by Mrs Taylor, despite its attack.

Mrs Taylor told the Euro Weekly News after her return from finger saving treatment at the hospital, said:

“I was lucky not to lose my fingers, one finger was shredded to the bone just below the knuckle, the nurses were fantastic and have stitched it back on – but he deserves another chance it’s only his second day”

“I think he got spooked earlier on his walk, a nasty feral cat had been hissing at him from the top of a wall, he was actually scared of the cat, but when we returned home, he started attacking the tissue box strangely – as I went to take it off him, he snarled and took a big bite at my fingers, he was that crazed I don’t think he knew it was me, blood poured from my fingers and my daughter was being sick, that didn’t help the situation, but she rushed me to the hospital as my finger was hanging off”

“I’m not going to give up on him though, he’s clearly had a bad start to life and needs a chance, although he’s having a muzzle for when we go out until he settles in properly, I don’t think he meant it – he was confused I think, he’s been so loving until now” she finished.

Daughter Laura said: “It came from nowhere, I couldn’t believe it, especially as Rufus had slept on the end of my bed all night, I’m not really good with the sight of blood, but despite being sick I knew I had to get mum to the hospital”

“Thankfully they saved her finger, it was hanging on by a bit of skin, it was shocking to see”

Dog rescuer Millie Travis in Fuengirola on hearing the news was glad to hear Rufus will be given another chance as she advised: “Rescue dogs however cute they look need time to settle into new homes, it’s a whole new environment for them and needs to be taken into consideration” “The anti-dog brigade don’t need to start piping up either if it wasn’t for poor treatment of the animal in the first place the incident would not have taken place, the dog was probably scared, that’s all – he just needs love to understand humans around him won’t harm him anymore, he’s a lovely looking boy”





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