Ousted President on Spain’s Costa Del Sol storms “GO TO BEIRUT AND FIND A BOMB”

Ousted President on Spain's Costa Del Sol storms

Former President of Costa del Sol’s Mijas Lawns Bowls Club storms at reporter “Go to Beirut and find a bomb”

Mr Wright, who has recently resigned from his position as President at the Mijas lawn bowls club -today lashed out at a freelance news reporter and told him to “Go to Beirut and find a bomb.”

As the world mourns the loss of hundreds of lives lost in the Lebanese capital, clearly Mr Wright had no sentiment for those affected by the tragedy as he launched into his scathing attack.

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Mr Wright had requested a phone call from the freelance reporter Mr George Stephens, in regards an article he had written several months ago about the political unrest at the club, where many members were claiming that the President at the time wanted to change the rules of the club which eventually led to Mr Wrights demise as he tendered his resignation.

Today, Mr Stephens out of courtesy called the former President but wasn’t prepared for the explosive attack from the former President and certainly didn’t feel being told to go to Beirut and find a bomb was appropriate especially during the current times.

Stephens told the Euro Weekly News this afternoon:

“I don’t feel his comments were appropriate and I can now see why many members had an issue with him and resisted his leadership at the club, from the start of the phone call he was ranting and raving about an article written many months ago as members challenged his position, to be honest, I could hardly recall the article as it was so long ago, I explained that to Mr Wright but he started shouting the odds, I asked him if he would like me to write an article on his latest views after he informed me had resigned and screamed “go to Beirut and find a bomb” which I thought was very inappropriate,”

“I can though see why the members I spoke to at the time wanted him ousted from his position at the club, with an aggressive nature like that, it’s understandable, you wouldn’t think all this type of behaviour goes on at a bowls club of pensioners, would you?”

The Euro Weekly News spoke this afternoon with current President Clive Nuthall who confirmed Mr Wright is no longer a member of the club and the remarks were nothing associated to the current club members and solely of his own.



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