Andalucia government promises Cabo de Gata park conservation

JUNTA PLAN: The regional government views the “sustainable exploitation” of natural areas and ecotourism as a way to promote and improve rural development CREDIT: Junta de Andalucia Noticias

THE Andalucia regional government has promised a major investment in Almeria’s Cabo de Gata natural park.

Commenting during a recent visit to the park’s Las Amoladeras information centre, the Junta’s Agriculture, Fishing and Sustainable Development regional minster Carmen Crespo said the administration is putting more than €1 million into the conservation and improvement of the park.

She said this would go on projects for the conservation of the coastline, protecting and highlighting the geological heritage and on improving facilities and infrastructure.


Crespo explained the investment comes under the Andalucia government’s €25.2 million plan for strengthening and modernising the use of the region’s natural spaces with the aim of “promoting the sustainable exploitation of these zones and also business undertakings linked to the environment.”

The regional minister expressed the conviction that this would promote and improve rural development through ecotourism, generating green employment and creating wealth in a way which is fully compatible with the conservation of natural spaces.

The Cabo de Gata project includes a La Casa de los Volcanes eco-museum, viewing points, walking trails and signposting.

Also planned are improvements to the Las Amoledera centre, among them making it more energy efficient and creating shaded areas, and redoing a trail in Las Salinas, a popular area for birdwatchers, and improving the observation points.


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