Spain’s citizens on the Costa del Sol feel ‘Gibraltar politics’ are the real reason the UK stifles Spanish tourism

UK & Spain on Gibraltars future

Citizens based on Spain’s Costa del Sol feel a politics war over Gibraltar is the real reason that Boris Johnson’s government are stifling Spain’s tourism trade.

EXPAT residents in Spain, as well as national citizens, have been bewildered by the British government’s stance on quarantine regulations that has dried up virtually the tourism trade.

Now, as the news broke yesterday of a standoff between Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, over Gibraltar once again, residents feel they now know the real reasons behind the stifling of British tourism to Spain.

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Boris Johnson is fuming after discovering that the Spanish government has secret ties with American lobbying groups for joint sovereignty over the rock of Gibraltar.

Johnson and his cohorts, have now placed Spain ‘on the spot’ and residents feel it’s now a political power game and the latest quarantine regulations are part of Johnson’s tactical plan.

“Now the real facts are coming out, it’s starting to make sense and all add up,” says William Buckingham residing in Spain’s La Cala.

“It wasn’t adding up, Spain, as we know, is safe as houses and very well regulated against the Coronavirus but now there’s a political war going on between Spain and the UK over Gib, it’s Boris Johnson flexing his muscle to the Spanish government by financially strangling them”

Political follower of over 50 years, Dennis Whithers shares the same sentiment as he told the Euro Weekly News:

“Boris Johnson, who I have met many times, just like his father is a very stubborn man.

“He would have been livid, absolutely furious behind closed doors on discovering Spain has linked with America against him and his government in secret.

“This is payback time and a show of strength to the Spanish government as the British government starves Spain over billions of euros not being spent by tourists by imposing the quarantine restrictions.

“It never had anything to do with the Coronavirus, it’s all a power game, stifle out Spain by costing them billions after catching them out touting with America,” he finished.

Meanwhile, Boris protester in Mallorca, businessman Annis Abraham, who recently called Johnson a baffoon whilst demonstrating how safe Mallorca was in a recent statement and stating Boris Johnson would bankrupt Mallorca had to say:

“There you go, absolutely nothing to do with how safe Mallorca is. As I said he’s out to bankrupt Mallorca, now at least we know his agenda, he’s been caught with his pants down by Spain and now we know the reason he’s acting up – the man could not run a bath, let alone a government, teach Spain a lesson by ruining his own people’s holidays with the added advantage of keeping the money at home.”



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