Satellite of love

Collaboration: fourteen artists with 15 works painted on satellite dishes. Credit: Ayto. de Almeñecar

THE councillor for Culture and Education, Alberto García Gilarbert, and the president of the Asociación Arte Sur de Almuñecar, Francisco Ariza, have presided over the opening ceremony of the street exhibition of painted satellite dishes that have taken place on the balconies of the town hall building.

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The exhibition, which can be seen until August 31, is organised by Arte Sur Almuñecar together with the Culture Department and has the participation of fourteen artists who collaborate with 15 works painted on satellite dishes, which have a dimension between 50 and 90 radius diameters on which a freestyle theme is reflected.

Francisco Ariza, a participant of the exhibition and president of the group, was in charge of offering the idea of the exhibition to the Culture Department.

Alberto García Gilabert supported the project from the start and described it as a “very original” initiative by the Arte-Sur Association that it will be greatly enjoyed by residents and visitors. “What’s more, said García Gilabert, it has sparked interest in other locations to also display it on their public buildings.”


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