Runaway bull proves to be a challenge for Inca police

TRICKY: Catching the animal was no easy matter. CREDIT: Policia Local Inca Facebook @policialocalinca

A RUNAWAY bull proved to be quite a challenge for Inca police.

The beast escaped from the municipal slaughterhouse on Sunday and took off down the road, charging at people and cars it came across along its way.

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“When the week ends and you think nothing else can happen you get a warning about a bull grazing on an industrial estate”, Inca’s Local Police posted on social media.

Given the potential risk the animal represented to both pedestrians and vehicles the force mobilised all service patrols.

They found it near the cemetery, but catching it was no easy matter. The bull was frightened and kept rushing at the officers and their cars.

CREDIT: Policia Local Inca Facebook @policialocalinca

They got it surrounded, and while they were trying to calm it down its owner arrived. Eventually they managed to guide it to a safe place and snare it.

The Guardia Civil and the relevant authorities are reportedly investigating how the bull escaped.

Inca police another animal incident to deal with early on Monday morning. A donkey got out from a property onto the old Selva road, creating a hazard for drivers.

Officers were able to get it off the road and return it to its owner.


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