Police in Motril step up control measures

The police inveestigation has resulted in a total of 37 sanctions. Credit: Shutterstock

THE Motril Policia Local have followed to the letter the instructions issued by the local government team of the Town Hall to curb any behaviour that may pose a risk of increased infections by coronavirus in the town.

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The local government already warned on Saturday that control and surveillance measures would be intensified to avoid drinking on public roads, control the closing times of the terraces and compliance with the capacity of the terraces and leisure venues at night, as well as the correct use of masks in open and closed spaces.

The police investigation has resulted in a total of 37 sanctions on residents for breaching the obligation to wear a mask. Among the premises for which a sanction is proposed, nine have been denounced for failing to comply with the closing hours, six for an excessive occupation of the public thoroughfare by the terraces, one for not having the required occupation license for the terrace and another one for performing a concert, an activity that did not have a permit nor can be carried out at the current health time.


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