Meghan Markle Turns 39 today and her Birthday Wish has Finally been Revealed

Meghan Markle reveals her birthday wish. image: Twitter

Meghan Markle always wishes for the same thing each year on her birthday. Now, as the Duchess turns 39 today, her birthday wish has been revealed.

Meghan Markle’s birthday wishes all stem from the “brutal time” she had in her 20s and her teens. Meghan Markle will be spending her birthday in her temporary LA home, a €17 million mansion on the Beverly Ridge Estate formerly owned by actor and producer Tyler Perry.

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The Duchess of Sussex is celebrating her 39th birthday after a whirlwind 12 months that has seen her life transformed. A year ago Meghan was a working member of the British royal family and living in the grounds of Windsor Castle with husband Harry and their son Archie.

But today they live in Los Angeles after breaking away from the monarchy for personal and financial freedom. The couple moved to America with their 14-month-old son just a few weeks before the coronavirus pandemic shut down the globe, and like everyone else have been living under lockdown.

Meghan Markle turns 39 today, and over the last year or so we have seen her turn the pages – fast – through a gripping fashion story. There was the new mother chapter (defined by a pure white Grace Wales Bonner dress), the down-to-earth Duchess chapter (see the Africa tour wardrobe), then the leaving Royal life chapter (waved off in a regal Emilia Wickstead cape and pillbox hat).

Each new stage of Meghan’s life ushers in a different dress code, and can be traced via sartorial shifts and tweaks. “My mom has always said that birthdays are your own personal New Year,” Meghan wrote in 2016 on her now deleted The Tig lifestyle website.

“Your own chance to make resolutions just for yourself and what you prognosticate for your year ahead.”

Meghan said she wishes for: “More surprises, more adventure, more opportunities to grow, more days filled with giggles and cheeky jokes, more delicious meals, and more inspiration. Always more inspiration.”



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