Green light for Rio Verde

Modern: Work to improve the condition of the children’s facilities. Credit:

ALMUÑECAR Town Hall has given the green light to the reform of the “Rio Verde” playground to improve it and condition it, adapting it to the current regulations for this type of facility, modernising it and introducing new games and changes to help those with reduced mobility.

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These reformations will make this playground more comfortable, functional and also fence it to avoid vandalism and be able to close it at night.

This was stated by the First Deputy Mayor for Employment and Maintenance, Beatriz González, who explained that to carry out the project for the new playground, all the existing wooden fencing, litter bins and benches will be removed.

“Regarding the existing landscaping, all the perimeter cypress trees will be cleaned and trimmed and the park’s irrigation network for trees will be installed. It will be equipped with a stormwater evacuation network,” said González.

González also stated that the lamps of the existing street lamps will be replaced by LED lighting lamps, in addition to providing coloured cobblestone paving and a protection or security area for games with special grass surfacing for children’s games.


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