Flights To Spain’s Malaga On The Costa del Sol Down To Just £9 In August Causing Fears The Area Has SHUT DOWN

Flights To Spain's Malaga On The Costa del Sol Down To Just £9 In August Causing Fears The Area Has SHUTDOWN

Flights to Spain’s Malaga airport in August are down to just £9 causing fears with potential travellers the region is shut down.

FLIGHTS to Spain’s Malaga airport are at an all-time low for the month of August with prices as low as just £9, although it’s causing concern with potential travellers that the region has shut down.

Traveller Richard Watson, took to social media to ask:

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“The plane I am booked on to fly to Malaga on Tuesday is now nine quid – is everything shut there or what? Dunno whether to come now.”

Fares to Malaga in August are normally in the region of £300 even with the cheapest budget airlines, but with the quarantine regulations in place, prices are at their lowest ever for the peak season of August.

Fears are running high in the UK that the Malaga region is shut down, which is not the case although very quiet for this time of year.

With prices to fly to Spain’s Costa del Sol, cheaper than the taxi fare to depart the airport, business owners feel the very low pricing structures are actually having a negative affect.

“I’ve seen a lot of this on social media, the prices are so low potential travellers think there are big issues here, when there isn’t – in fact, it’s the best ever time to come, I urge all over business owners to get the word out,” said Marbella shop keeper Raj Patel.

“All business owners in Spain need to get on social media and tell the truth, Spain is safe and we are open for business – people need to know that and take advantage of the bargain flights.”

Meanwhile, aviation expert, Matt Travers, an ex-pilot for over 30 years, now based in Fuengirola said:

“This is unprecedented, fares have never been so low, August is peak season, £9 is a record low for the month of August, it’s the cheapest time to travel to Spain for a very long time, the issue is can the airlines make it profitable? – my opinion – the British Prime Minister will slaughter the aviation industry if he keeps on digging his heels in.”

The Euro Weekly News would like to inform all UK readers the Costa del Sol is OPEN AND SAFE and despite a few different safety regulations fending off the Coronavirus successfully, it’s business as usual!




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