Environmentally-friendly hand gel dispensers on the Costa Blanca

SENSODROP: Orihuela Council want to install the dispensers in schools and public places. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Orihuela

AUTOMATIC hydroalcoholic gel dispensers will be installed in various locations in Orihuela to encourage regular hand cleansing.

THE SensoDrop dispensers are designed for indoor and outdoor spaces and will be placed in areas with a high traffic of people.

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Councillor for Emergencies, Victor Valverde, explained the “systems have several advantages such as the high capacity of supply, the dispensing of the product without contact or manipulation, the use of solar energy for maintenance and a discreet design that does not distort aesthetically with the environment”.

He added: “These devices maintain a hygienic-sanitary control against Covid-19 in the town without the need to replace the product daily, saving on logistics, maintenance and technical staff.”

The SensoDrop includes a solar panel capable of charging the battery in around six hours, infrared sensor operation, a loudspeaker for message playback and a high capacity of 2 25-litre bottles (equivalent to 20,000 doses of the product.

“We want to provide citizens with all the means and tools to avoid contamination,” said Valverde.


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