Right Wing Factions On Spain’s Costa del Sol Say “Give Tommy Robinson A Break”

Right Wing Factions On Spain's Costa del Sol Say
EDL members on the Costa Del Sol

Right-wing factions now residing on Spain’s Costa del Sol are calling for fellow residents to give Tommy Robinson a break as he moves to Spain.

AS the controversial English Defence League founder, Tommy Robinson announced last week he was moving to Spain after an arson attack on his home, supporters residing on Spain’s Costa del Sol are calling for residents to “give him a break.”

Robinson, who felt he needed to make the move for the safety and well-being of his wife and daughters, has come under the spotlight, receiving heavy criticism from fellow expats on the Costa del Sol.

Now supporters of the right-wing campaigner have hit back at the criticism and feel its unjust.


Robinson Supporter Steven Thomas In Fuengirola.

“Just give Tommy a break – he has the right to live here the same as the rest of us,” said Steven Thomas in Fuengirola.

“People just listen to the media who are anti-Tommy, it’s biased reporting – people just don’t understand that’s all, but whatever he has to say anyway he has the same rights as everyone else.

“Yes, you could call me a supporter, too right, I fly back for all the marches and demonstrations, not alone either, there are plenty of supporters along the coast who come with me.

“Sometimes people don’t like to hear the truth of ‘real society’ and that is why the establishment try to block him, but no one will stop our Tommy, not living here or saying what he has to say, more people agree with him than you probably know.

“The moaners need to wind their necks in really,” he said.

Paul Williamson says “Leave Tommy Alone.”

Meanwhile in Fuengirola’s ‘Fish Alley’ another supporter Paul Williamson wanted his say as he told the Euro Weekly News:

“This campaign against Tommy being in Spain is pathetic, why shouldn’t he live here with us? Once again the media are trying to stitch him up.

“You would be surprised at how many EDL members live on the coast and to be quite frank we won’t take this nonsense sitting down.

“Tommy is a great guy, if you got the opportunity to sit down with him and have a chat like I have many times, you would understand more, he’s not a hooligan as portrayed, we all have had fights in the past at football, it was the done thing back in the day, it doesn’t mean you are a hooligan for life.

“He’s a normal man’s politician really and unlike normal politicians – he tells it like it is.

“I think it’s great he’s moved over here with us, now he can join us on flights as we go to the demos,” he added “We can’t wait.”

Thomas and Williamson On A Recent Demo In London.




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