More Than 6,000 Different Trees Will be Pruned in One Costa del Sol Municipality

Pruning trees
Work has already started on pruning Credit: Marbella Council

THE Parks and Gardens department of the Marbella Council has embarked upon the second phase of the municipal pruning plan, which expects to see remedial work undertaken on 3,809 palm trees and 2,338 trees in total.

According to Councillor Diego López, the current work will continue until September and the council’s objective is “to conserve and maintain the ‘urban forest’ in the city as an ally against climate change and the preservation of the existing biodiversity.”

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The first phase started at the beginning of the year with a total of 158 trees and 1,539 pruned palm trees, while the second phase, which begins now, will be undertaken by three teams, equipped with two special lorries and a ‘cherry picker’.

This latest work will initially concentrate on native trees and the experts who will follow standard pruning procedure and give additional treatment where necessary will not devote time to the on the Washingtonia Robusta (Mexican fan palm) species until temperatures begin to drop.


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