Beach Bar on Spain’s Costa del Sol Shut Down After Viral Video of DJ Spitting on Crowd Emerges

TEMPORARY CLOSURE: Kokun is closed for 15 days. Credit: Instagram @KokunOceanClub

THE beach bar on Spain’s Costa del Sol which sparked controversy online, as a video emerged of the DJ spitting alcohol onto the crowd, has been shut down as a precaution. The worrying footage which went viral on social media shows a pair of DJs, known as Les Castizos, partying with no regard for any Covid security protocols.


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In the video, you can see how the DJ stands on top of the table and spits alcohol over the crowd in front of him. He is seen giving people drinks out of the bottle and nobody in the crowd seems to be respecting social distancing or wearing masks.


The video recently went viral on social media and now the beach bar that hosted the party, Kokun Ocean Beach Club, has been closed for a period of 15 days as a precaution. The mayor, Jose Ortiz, explained that this is an “administrative sanctioning procedure” which has been applied in order to “force” and ensure that the hygiene norms against Covid are respected within the municipality.


The case is currently under investigation as there are several parts of the night that still need explaining. For example, there is the issue of the ‘stickers’ placed on mobile phones to avoid people from filming. This is a contentious subject which could have a very damning effect on the club itself. Both the DJs and the beach bar is in serious trouble after this dangerous behaviour. So far, the only action that has been taken is the temporary closure of the establishment.


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