Spain’s First Post Covid-19 Bullfight Goes Ahead in Costa del Sol

Protestors outside the bullring Credit: Estepona Antitaurina

THE first bullfight sanctioned to take place following the release from lockdown took place in Estepona last night (August 1) with a lot more spectators than protestors.

A local group Estepona Antitaurina collected more than 7,000 signatures calling for the fight to be banned but surprisingly national animal bodies such as PACMA (an animal political party) and AnimalNaturalis made no comment on their websites.

There was a small demonstration outside the bullring but images don’t even suggest a police presence and it must have been a little disappointing for those so opposed to the treatment of the bulls that they didn’t receive greater support.


Reports from the pressure group suggest that there was little sign of promised social distancing within the bullring and that although there were some areas which were clear, there were others where spectators were literally ‘cheek by jowl’ although many wore masks.

Six bulls were ‘disposed’ off by the three popular matadors and the crowd itself was composed of adults of all ages.


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