Police in Spain on the Hunt For Belgian Couple Who Refused PCR Test

MAN HUNT: Police look for Belgian couple who may have COVID image credit: Wikipedia

The police in Spain are currently on the hunt for a Belgian couple who were meant to take a PCR test to determine whether they suffered from the coronavirus or not. This Belgian couple were expected to show up at the Barbanza Hospital in A Coruña, in Galicia. However, they have pulled a runner and now the police are on the hunt to track them down.

This Sunday, several medical sources confirmed that the leaders of the health centre informed the police that the Belgian couple had not shown up for their scheduled testing. Therefore, the matter has now fallen into the authorities’ hands and will be considered as a crime against public health.

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The officers are now working tirelessly as they attempt to track the two Belgian nationals down, as there is a likely chance that they could both be infected with the coronavirus. Spain is taking the situation at hand very seriously as even one person who is infected could go on to spread the virus to at least a dozen more. Therefore, tracking the potential cases is in the best interest of Spain’s public health and economic stability. Another devastation wave of the virus could mean another quarantine which would incur the closure of many businesses.

Already the increase in COVID cases has caused other European countries to warn their citizens against travelling to Spain. The most important of these cases is the United Kingdom, Spain’s primary tourism market. Boris Johnson has enforced a mandatory quarantine for any travellers returning to the UK which has effectively put another bullet into the livelihood of the tourism industry, as well as hindered its ability to survive the crisis.


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