Holidaymakers in Spain refuse to go home and sleep on a Costa del Sol beach rather than return to Brighton as fights break out

Holidaymakers in Spain refuses to go home and sleeps on a Costa del Sol beach rather than return to Brighton as fights break out
Cocktails on the beach

Jet2 holidaymakers who received a text message from the holiday company to cut their holiday short on Spain’s Costa del Sol and return home to Brighton refuse to go home and are now thinking of staying full time.

Neil Matthews and his boyfriend Willie Dans refused to follow the advice from Jet2 Holidays last week to return home and have since been sleeping on the beach as their hotel closed down again.

Hotel Gardenia Park, in Carvajal on the Costa del Sol, shut its doors this week after only being open two weeks, leaving the two holidaymakers with nowhere to stay after Jet2 pulled the plug and so the beach is now their nightly spot as they save funds to continue their break in the sun.

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Couples closed hotel.

Now the pair are thinking of staying permanently after witnessing the latest events in Neil’s hometown of Brighton today.

We the Euro Weekly News caught up with the pair today as they sipped cocktails in Brad’s Bar – not far from their former hotel room and new beach spot where they have slept for the last few nights.

Neil told of their story as he said:

“There was no way we were going home, after saving for a year for our first holiday together, we refused to go home, Willie lives in Newcastle and me in Brighton, so we need time to spend with each other, especially after the lockdown where we couldn’t see each other apart from on Zoom.

“We were gobsmacked when the text arrived and the feeling in my stomach was awful but my Willie said – “Sod it let’s stay” and so we did, we can’t afford to pay for another hotel so we decided let’s take to the beach to sleep at night – it’s great!

“Everyone has been so nice to us, the bar here lets us use the toilets when we wish and we shower at 8am when the beach showers come on, the bar lady Emma has even done our washing for us – how nice is that?” he whooped.

“We sit out on the wall at night sometimes with the man who lives in a tent in the former Carpe Diem bar, he’s such a nice man, he works the sunbeds in the daytime and thinks he may be able to get us some work, so we are thinking of staying full time if my mum sends over some funds, which she has promised, looking at the news and actions in Brighton today, as they have punch ups and bitch fights on the beach might sway us to make the call.

“It’s so safe here, nothing like home, Spain is handling the virus so well, I’m glad we made the decision to stay – now it’s just down to do we get a cheap Ryanair flight? or stay – Wendy the bar owner has become like a mother to us, we love her so much and sleeping on the beach makes us feel part of the universe as we watch the stars at night.”

Brighton Bitch Fight Today.

EWN has agreed to keep up with the couple and see how it pans out for them and left the pair to their cocktails.




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