Boris Johnson Will Bankrupt Mallorca And Destroy Spain’s Tourism On The Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca

Boris Johnson Will Bankrupt Mallorca And Destroy Spain's Tourism On The Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca

Mallorcan businessman and resident Annis Abraham hit out to the Euro Weekly News today stating Boris Johnson will Bankrupt Mallorca and destroy Spain’s tourism business on Spain’s Costa Blanca & Costa del Sol

Abraham originally from Cardiff, now a resident of Mallorca for 5 years after moving his family and various business operations to Mallorca, is seething with Prime Minister Boris Johnson after the evacuation of Mallorca on Friday by Jet2 and TUI holidays.

As the holiday island of Mallorca is now barrenof tourists and holidaymakers Abraham hit out and slams the British Prime Minister, as he held an exclusive interview with the largest ex-pat newspaper in Spain, he said:

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“People need to start demonstrating about Boris Johnson, all ex-pats need to, you are the biggest ex-pat newspaper in Spain, get the word out”

“So PM Boris Johnson, the clown, got what he wanted, people holidaying at home and spending their holiday money in the UK”

“Again the last few days the UK had the highest increase in the virus spread across Europe and the most deaths, whilst no social distancing takes place”

Difference between UK & Spain

“Despite this, Boris has a go at the other countries, he needs to get his own house in order, over 5,000 new COVID-19 the last couple of days with more daily deaths than Spain gets in a month”

“Not only has Boris helped ruin the UK’s favourite holiday destination, Mallorca he has virtually bankrupted the holiday industry in one foul swoop”

“The Balearic Islands were safer for UK tourists than anywhere in the UK as the strict laws followed by everyone, there are no real laws under Boris, which is why no one takes him seriously anymore”

“Sadly the Balearic Islands here, now have had to accept their tourist trade this year is over thanks only to the baffoon Boris Johnson but at least every person who came here saw it for themselves, a beautiful, healthy, safe Island”

“Every person I met that came here on holiday had nothing but praise for Mallorca”

“I urge every single ex-pat either on the mainland or the islands to bombard Johnson with their distaste for his actions, letters, emails, the lot he shouldn’t be dictating this way”

Protester Annis Abraham with his eldest daughter Annaise

Abraham is considering even starting protests on the Island to attract the world’s media to the plight and as he calls it the stupidity of Boris Johnson as he said:

“I’ve run successful demonstrations and protests before attracting thousands and thousands, I may well do one here in Mallorca” he finished.



  1. Dear Socialist Worker.
    It’s not Boris’s job, or the scientists who advise him, to protect the Spanish tourist industry, that’s the job of Sanchez and his team, how very socialist to always blame others for your own failings, if Spain wants to be on safe lists it needs to be safe, plainly as your own articles point out on a daily basis it isn’t at this moment.

    • Agreed Nick.

      Spain is a two faced so called ally. They love us when we are spending our money in their country but when we decide to put our own interests and safety first they blame other countries.
      They aren’t very friendly when it comes to eu or Gibraltar are they.

      Britain owes Spain nothing. Your free ride is over.
      P.s. Spain, Britain owns Gibraltar not US so you lobbying to them is pointless and dumb.

      Everybody elses fault spain and eu economy is battered. Sounds familiar. Boring. Next.

    • Your article makes no sense. Do you want to start the whole pandemic over again. Use your time constructively where you are by choice. Cheers.

  2. About time the the people of mallorca have been ripping the tourists of for years stealing from them dirty tricks they pull . Sorry I lived there for 20 years they have got wot was coming to them I’m sorry for all the expatriates as I’m still a expat but I’ve found a place to live where we are welcome and I will never think of them as nice people

  3. Annis Abraham is making all sorts of assumptions with regards to his comment regarding Boris. He has NOT done the 14 day return isolation policy on a whim or to as you say destroy Mallorca Tourism, he has done it to protect UK citizens the best he can from the advice he has been given. Every Country in the world is suffering. HongKong has gone to critical level, Cities in Australia have gone in Lockdown a Country were the news media said the UK should take a look at how they have managed Covid 19 look at it now. Some parts of Spain have had a high rise in the number of people with the virus and I wouldn’t be surprised that once the main holiday season is over in Spain possibly middle late September the same lockdown will happen again. You are coming from a selfish point of view, businesses in the UK are suffering badly thousands have lost jobs and shops closed down. So your businesses only relies on British citizens spending money at your place. What about holiday makers from all over the world that come to Mallorca do they not spend any money. How sad is it to say that the UK has bankrupted the holiday industry. We may not like Boris but he his our PM and when people like you criticise his intensions you criticise the people of the UK.

  4. Spain has been at the forefront of slamming the UK over Brexit and trying to get the EU to punish it. The usual Spanish “venganza”!

    This demonstrates how much Spain depends on business with the UK. If Sanchez continues to play hardball, well, why should the UK bother to help it with it’s unemployment and economy?

    I am Spanish and hate the tit for tat game that Spain always plays. It needs to smell the coffee!

    • Agreed Karen. The choice is wealth or health. Too soon, too risky.
      Has Spain heard about Manchester? We could send the new victims to convalesce.

      btw I wouldn’t support any country that encourages tormenting and torturing animals.

  5. Spain is no friend of Great Britain. They owe them nothing. The people of UK’s safety come first before any eu country.
    Spain treats UK badly and cries when they no longer receive their money.
    Put up or shut up.

  6. Boris Johnson’s decision has nothing to do with the Covid 19 outbreak. It is all to do with Brexit! Mallorca is alot safer than the uk. Just take a look and see what’s happening in Brighton and Cornwall. Social distancing, what social distancing. Not a mask in sight!

    Here comes the next wave.

  7. Nick
    Sounds like you are going to love it in Little England being laughed at and despised by every other nation . Enjoy your exceptionalism, isolation and hero worship of Boris and his puppet master as you starve and try to survive in poverty.

  8. Most British expats in Spain voted leave because of cheap populist little Englander ideology.

    Now the thick populists who caused Brexit have messed up with Corona by first denying it existed and then fudging the late response.

    They’ve all go what they deserve.

    Hopefully the EU put visa conditions on entry to trash the rest of the scummy Northern straw donkey holiday destinations.

  9. The UK has had 5000 new cases in the last 7 days – Spain? 16,000. This guy needs to get his facts right. Spain is experiencing a second peak of the virus, therefore Boris Johnson acted for what was good for the UK, it’s upto the Spainish government to look after the tourist industry.

    Consider the pandemic an economic test run for Brexit and lobby your government to ensure they don’t make it difficult for the UK tourist to return once 2021 arrives.

  10. Perhaps if Spain had the sense to try and assist with Brexit rather than use it to work on Gibraltar then Boris may have given more consideration, as it is why should he have any concern , if you chose to live there fair enough , but given Spain’s position you can forget anything else , British tourism is not important to them , apparently, mind you they way a lot of us behave abroad they are likely better off without a lot of them .

  11. I agree with Nick. How is this Boris’s fault he is doing what is best for people in the UK not those in Spain. Your business is in Spain ask the Spanish government for support you chose to open a business there.

  12. Mr Johnson and the man behind him Dominic Cummings are all about control, They don’t care about the the population of the Uk otherwise he wouldn’t have instructed hospitals to send all the old people out back to the care homes.. Which caused the death of 20,000.
    People need to looks at the facts, 10 million cases wordwide and out of those 94% have recovered and 6% have died.
    There maybe be an increase in cases/infections but not a huge new amount in deaths. All these local lockdowns are nothing but experiments and control. Religion used to control the masses, then money and recesions, now its a virus. Figures are easily manipulated. The countries of the world cannot carry this on , industry and business is failing, millions are losing jobs, soon they’ll have no money. Then what??? What about all the people with cancer and heart disease 30 million die every year. They are suffering, treatment stopped in the uk for many. I know that as my neighbour across the road, had his treatment stopped and in 2 weeks he was dead. Spains increase in cases are in the north of the country. There will be an increase in cases but the worlds population cannot stay in the lobsterpot. You know what happens to lobsters that enter the lobster baskets, they can’t get out.

  13. Nothing to do with Boris,he is attempting to reduce the spread of the virus,and in view of the scientific recommendations and data research is keeping UK safe.

    I suggest this gentlemen with various interests and paying tax in Spain , looks at the spikes and sad figures overall,before spouting nonsensical threats,we all have to live with this and adapt accordingly, the strong will survive!

  14. Short memories. This time last year they were smashing rental cars up and saying tourism was the scurge of the earth.
    Buena’s suerte. We’ll spend our stable pounds in the UK.

  15. Yes I live in Spain but we get blamed for bad behaviour drunks and every time anything goes wrong, but they want our money so they need us when times are bad because we spend money, and that man should not be bad mouthing borisxx

  16. Boris is the PM. of the UK, NOT Spain, his first priority is for the health and welfare of the UK people his duty of care is NOT for the Spanish mainland or tourist holiday hot spots, and since your little rant and toys out of the pram day, the re-appearance of Covid in most of Europe has made your “speech” totally irrelevant. I assume that your businesses in Mallorca are suffering as are a lot of others, but mostly it is the people who are suffering most, from death thro to lock-downs and certain restrictions on or daily lives.
    You seem like a self centered individual who doesn’t think things through very well. “Engage brain before operating gob” might be worth trying?


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