American Grandmother Claims There’s NO JUSTICE in Spain’s Granada against VOX party member who molested his own daughter

American Grandmother Claims There's NO JUSTICE in Spain's Granada against VOX party member who molested his own daughter

An American grandmother fears for her granddaughter in Spain’s Granada claiming that there is no justice even though her granddaughter was molested by her right-wing VOX party member father

A distraught grandmother Christine Hansen, has written to the Euro Weekly News from America to express her fears and claims that there is no justice in Spain’s Granada and no protection for sexually abused children.

The grandmother now back in the states after several visits to Spain, also believes corruption is in place protecting the VOX party member father.

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Christine wrote a very distressing email stating her thoughts and claims:

“In Granada, there is no justice for children whose fathers molest them.

My granddaughter was molested by her Spanish father over a period of a year while she was 2 to 3 years old.

My American daughter was in the process of a divorce.

The doctors at the hospital reported suspicions of sexual abuse on two separate occasions. My daughter submitted three pair of stained underwear including one with bloodstains to the Institute of Legal Medicine in Seville.

After ten months, there was an incomplete report. We both submitted police statements. I had to return to Spain to ratify mine as my granddaughter had told me about her father abusing her.

Two separate charges were filed. Her ex-husband, a VOX party member, tried to tie my daughter to Infancia Libre.

Margenes y Vinculos was involved. End result: Nothing!

The cases were shelved by the judge in Granada. Now my daughter must share custody with her ex-husband.

My granddaughter has reported her father and her grandfather have touched her since then.

Her father even admitted it to our now 4-year-old granddaughter but said it was an accident. He was asleep.

No justice for our granddaughter. My daughter and grandchildren can’t leave Spain because her ex refuses to sign passport permissions.

She can’t take the children to a psychologist because her ex must agree to it. This nightmare continues for all of them and for us and our family here in the United States.

There is no fair justice system in Granada. He uses his political friends to get a job with the city government, and now he gets shared custody and child support reduced from 900 euros a month to 300 euros a month. This is beyond a travesty.”

Clearly, it’s a very worrying claim that sexual cover-ups continue when it comes to political party members in Spain. We wish the American family well in trying to get protection for their daughter and granddaughter and will continue to follow the action as the family fight for justice.



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