Spanish Tourist Brings Virus to ‘COVID Free’ Island

La Graciosa: First COVID Case is twitter @diariodeaviso

A Spanish tourist has brought the coronavirus to a previously ‘COVID-Free’ Island. The Canary Island of La Graciosa is no longer a Covid-19 destination after the first positive case was recorded this Wednesday. The culprit is a tourist from Cataluña who had spent a few days on the Island and who, after taking the corresponding tests, tested positive for COVID. He is now in isolation in an apartment on the island itself.

On behalf of the Teguise City Council, there is a great concern about the high number of elderly people on the island, so it is expected that this Thursday they will be asking tourists and residents to take more measures than ever before.

On the other hand, this Thursday several teams have moved to La Graciosa to track and locate the so-called “close contacts” of the tourist from Cataluña who is the first positive case on the La Graciosa Island since the health crisis began.


With this case and together with those that already existed in Lanzarote, there are currently eleven active cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infection between the two Canary Islands. In addition to the positive of La Graciosa, the are seven migrants who were rescued in a boat on July 8 and the three residents in Lanzarote who tested positive after returning, on different dates, from Mexico, Ukraine and the Dominican Republic. All of these cases remain active.

So far, including both Lanzarote and La Graciosa, a total of 104 cases have already been accumulated, 87 of which have already been overcome and six have sadly ended in deaths. Without counting the imported cases, Lanzarote already tallies a total of 96 days without “local transmission” since the last one that occurred on April 24.


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