“Shark a doo-doo” man sings as he’s airlifted to hospital with serious life threatning shark bites


A surfer being airlifted to hospital after a vicious shark attack keeps his spirits up with a “Sharkie song”

Surfer Phil Mummert was out surfing yesterday when a white shark decided to turn on him and go on the attack, after the first bite was the dude’s surfboard, the second, third and fourth lunges struck his legs, taking severe chunks out of them.

Shark bites out of surfer Phil

Mummert was saved from death by strangers who were also surfing at Bunker Bay in Western Australia as they swam towards the shark and bashed on their boards to distract the killer shark.

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After dragging Phil to shore, and holding the badly eaten legs together, to stop the loss of blood, emergency services were called who shortly arrived on the scene as the surfer wrestled with the pain, fearing he would lose his legs.

Medics take over

The shark reported being around 5 metres long in size and from the white shark family – clearly had a large mouth and big bite as images taken at the scene demonstrated the large bite of the surfer’s board.

Big Bite Out Of Surfboard

Medic’s called for an air ambulance, fearing too much loss of blood would soon cause loss of life despite the attempts to stem it, and as the helicopter landed medics were in total shock when the surfing dude burst into song with ” Shark a doo-doo, Shark a doo- doo”

One of the rescuing party said: “I couldn’t believe it, here was a man, badly attacked by a shark with blood gushing from his legs and he bursts into song!”

“Whether it was fear, I guess we will never know but he continued singing the same song all the way to the hospital”

All ended well at the hospital as surgeons were not only able to stabilise life but also ensure Phil’s limbs were saved despite hundreds of stitches.

Meanwhile, his partner who was him at the time of the attack is appealing for the rescuing strangers to come forward as she shared her relief on social media.

She posted:

“Just want to let everyone know that Phil is doing okay! He was bitten by a shark at Bunker Bay this afternoon and got a few chunks taken out of his leg🦈! I honestly don’t know how a person can see a total stranger getting attacked by a 5m great white shark and swim TOWARDS to save him so we are beyond grateful to everyone that helped save Phil’s life💙! So lucky that Phil got away with his life and limbs and beyond lucky that we live in such a kind and caring community. If you or anyone you know were one of the guys that helped out today please send me your contact details! So thankful for everyone who carried him to shore and for the ones that held his leg together for half an hour while waiting for the ambulance. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts ♥️ thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏽We’ve been flown to the hospital and just waiting for him to get stitched up. Phil’s doing great and still singing shark do do do do do do🦈



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