Seventeen-Year-Old Boy Arrested for Infamous Twitter Hack Involving Obama and Bill Gates

HACKER ARRESTED: 17 year-old boy behind elite hack attack CREDIT: Shuttertstock

A seventeen-year-old boy has been arrested for his infamous hack on the twitter accounts of Barak Obama, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. The young teen used his opportunity to hack into the accounts to conduct a lucrative scam involving the cryptocurrency bitcoin.

The alleged hacker, Graham Clark, was arrested this Friday in his apartment in Tampa, as announced by Hillsborough County District Attorney, Andrew Warren. Warren appears in a video on Twitter announcing that the young man was “the mastermind that carried out the attack”.

He brands the attack as a “bit-con” and assures that the teenager is currently in prison. The alleged culprit faces a total of 30 criminal counts, which include organised fraud, online fraud, identity theft, and electronic piracy.


Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for the White House, was also a victim of the attack, as well as Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, artist Kanye West, and companies like Uber and Apple. Messages encouraging the payment of money through bitcoin were sent out from these highly well-known and influential accounts. For example, messages from the CEO of Amazon’s account, Jeff Bezos, would read “due to COVID-19 we are returning 10 million dollars in Bitcoin. All payments sent to our address will be returned doubled”.


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