Moscow Airport Seconds Away from Exploding as Passengers Evacuate to Save Lives

The aircraft was seconds away from bursting into flames. image: Twitter

An Aeroflot Airbus A321 was seriously damaged while parked at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport today when a loaded fuel tanker crashed underneath the nose.


Investigators are amazed there were no explosions. image: twitter

Crash investigators are now probing this morning’s incident at Sheremetyevo Airport – the busiest in the city – which left the aircraft badly damaged and the fuel tanker crushed. 5 Fire trucks were scrambled to the scene and an emergency was called at the airport, but luckily there were no reports of flames.


Shocking photos show the nose of Russia’s top air carrier ‘seriously damaged’ and the roof of the Scania fuel tanker crushed.  ‘The vehicle and the aircraft are damaged, there are no casualties,’ an airport spokesman said.  The ‘circumstances and causes’ of the incident were being established.

The airport emergency services were moments away from declaring a full-scale emergency.


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