Bargain Booze On Spain’s Costa del Sol As Wholesalers Have Too Much Stock And Black Market Opens Up

Bargain Booze On Spain's Costa del Sol As Wholesalers Have Too Much Stock And Black Market Opens Up

Drinks wholesalers on Spain’s Costa del Sol have so much overstock it’s creating a bargain booze market

Drinks wholesalers on Spain’s Costa del Sol are stocked to the hilt of excess beers and alcoholic beverages that has created probably the lowest prices for a very long time on the coast.

Wholesalers, who’s trade dried up during the lockdown and now facing further drops in the trade due to the latest set of regulations imposed on holidaymakers are having to offload close to expiry date drinks in mass.

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Not only are “drinkers” getting a bargain booze deal, but it’s also creating a black market business on the Costa del Sol as standard members of the public not associated with the drinks trade, trade booze for cash.

One operator told Euro Weekly News today how he is making in excess of 2,000 euros per week from the trading out of close to expiry dated drinks.

“I fell into it, to be honest, I just thought, ” Hey, I bet they have too many stocks after the lockdown” and called them up, I was invited up to the warehouse and the owners showed me a section set aside for closeout of dates, there were masses and masses of cans,”

“I started taking just a few slabs of cans, placed them on Facebook and they sold straight away”

” I threw the message: “24 cans of Strongbow for €10! Expiry date 08/20. PM me if interested” and I was bombarded with messages and orders from buying and sell Facebook groups, it’s amazing how many orders I get a day, I’ve made so much too I’ve bought a van to save on trips to the warehouse”

Slab delivery of cans

“I think the secret is, as well as the price, people still face financial hardship after the lockdown as well as still feeling both safer staying in as well as fed up of having to face all the precautions in bars at the moment and the hassle of it”

“Although I’m now running to clubs as well, they snap up my prices, they can clear all stock within a night sometimes and are soon back on the phone for more, at the end of the day if it helps their profit margins, all the better”

“The idea couldn’t have come at a better time – my standard business has dried up and now I’m making on average 2 grand a week, my best week was 2.6 grand in five days” he finished.







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