UK Government moves on Spain wreck Balearic tourism sector progress, hotels claim

FINGERS CROSSED: Hoteliers are hoping diplomatic negotiations will see the Balearics excluded from the UK advice against travel to Spain CREDIT: FEHM

THE UK Government’s recent moves on Spain have wrecked all the progress which was being made by the Balearic Island tourism sector, according to Mallorca hoteliers.

“All the advances in terms of tourism in the Balearics have been ruined by the UK’s decision to advise against travel to Spain, including the Balearics and the Canary Islands, and to impose a quarantine on all the British returning from Spain”, the FEHM Mallorca Hoteliers Federation president Maria Frontera told Spanish press.

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Frontera said she had had been surprised that the UK changed its mind and included the two archipelagos in the essential travel recommendation only on Spain having initially excluded them.

She also expressed the hope that diplomatic negotiations on the issue would have a positive outcome, but added that it was unlikely to be soon.

In the meantime the “disasterous” effects of the UK’s stance on the islands’ tourism sector is already evident, she said.

“The worst thing is that there is the possibility that other countries could copy these decisions”, she added.

The FEHM president expressed particular regret at the current situation following the effort which went into the Balearics’ pilot tourism project in June.


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