If it quacks like one…. 

Homeless Man Who Slept On Bench Next To Valencia Hospital Dies
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It’s been a, ‘just when you think you’ve heard it all’ kind of week! 

Cressida Dick (yep!) the Met Police Commissioner, has announced they are considering dropping the terms Jihad and Islamist from the description of acts of terror and will instead refer to these atrocities as – wait for it. ‘Faith claimed terrorism’!


In other words, in the event of a terrorist attack, they are presumably going to have some form of brain dead meetings to decide what religion or cult is responsible. What a load of lily-livered, intelligence-insulting humbuggery. Listen up, you PC riddled bunch of utter clowns. If some toe rag attacks or blows up a bunch of innocent civilians screaming Allah Akbar’ or ‘death to the infidels’, the perpetrator is an Islamist involved in the execution of Jihad. OK?

You don’t need any high-level expensive board meeting to work out some way of renaming them out of existence simply because the less militant members of a religion may be ‘offended.’ When our adversaries screamed Heil Hitler as they bombed and ravaged innocent countries during WWII did you see Churchill and his War Cabinet, holding a meeting to discuss whether the less militant Germans may be offended if we referred to the perpetrators as Nazis? If it quacks like one and walks like one it is one, ok? 

We’re in a war here and the sooner our pathetic naive leaders come to terms with it, the sooner we may have just a chance of finishing up with our culture and heritage intact. Political Correctness will be the death knell of the West. Just recently a children’s entertainer friend of mine was instructed to no longer refer to his audience as girls and boys! What the hell does he do when he wants audience participation from different genders? Ask for the not sure’s to come up on stage!? 

I believe we’ve confused our youngsters quite enough already, without turning their light entertainment into some adult LGBT conflict. I personally think it’s a form of child abuse. If I were at the helm I would seriously be pursuing some form of prosecution. At this point, I’d just like to throw in a few more PC changes recommended by similar morons.

Homeless people should be referred to as Outdoor Urban Dwellers’. Bisexual prostitutes become Equal Opportunity Sex Workers. The poor are Economically Marginalized.  Being drunk is Chemically Inconvenienced. Criminals are Behaviorally Challenged. Fat people, Metabolic Overachievers. Housewives, Domestic Engineers. Illegal aliens, Undocumented Migrants.
And so on.
Makes you lose the will doesn’ it?

Excuse me while I go off to get severely chemically inconvenienced! 

Said my final goodbye to my dear friend Geoffrey Kenion this week. The ceremony was held in the picturesque tranquillity of Soller cemetery and was attended by many of his close friends and family. His loving wife Sallyann oversaw the whole occasion with a wonderful dignified serenity, and children Simon, Joseph, Rachel and Ella, all delivered moving tributes to their Dad. A fitting send-off to a much loved and respected local icon. RIP Geoff. They did you proud. 

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy


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