Armed Robbers Storm Mercadona and Cash Out in This Spanish Region


Two armed robbers stormed Mercadona and cashed out in this region of Spain. On Thursday afternoon, two hooded men stormed a Mercadona at gunpoint in Esparreguera, a town near Barcelona.

THE armed robbers shot into the air and took all of the money from the cash registers without injuring anyone. Then they quickly fled the Mercadona in an Opel Vectra with the number plate B-1146-MW. The Mossos are still searching for this car.

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A Mossos d’Esquadra patrol car chased after it, but they could not catch them. The escape vehicle which they used to flee is registered to a man who lives in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Two videos of the incident have been filmed, both by an officer attending the scene. These videos have cost the Mosso an official warning on their record. In one video you can see the patrol car being called to the scene and the officer saying “Please, I don’t want to die,” when she hears a gunman has entered the Mercadona.

The other video shows all of the clients at the supermarket evacuating the bakery section which is where they were hiding. Customers are evidently shaken up by the incident and a little girl is seen crying. Thankfully nobody was hurt.

“They fired a blast at the ceiling and everything,” said some of the customers who were inside the establishment and who witnessed the robbery. The Mossos d’Esquadra are still investigating this robbery that ended with no victims or injuries, as many of the customers were able to hide in different areas of the supermarket, such as the parking lot.

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