An expensive 1.45-km journey

Expensive Journey
ROCAFORT: Maria fined for visiting her daughter there Photo credit: Qoan

MARIA, a 65-year-old who lives in Godella (Valencia,) recently received notification of a €601 fine.

The sanction was imposed on March 25 when she took food to her daughter, a doctor and the mother of children aged four and one, who lives in neighbouring Rocafort and works at the Arnau de Vilanova hospital.

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“She had just come off duty so I decided to take them something to eat,” Maria told Levante newspaper.

As she was about to leave the food, the Policia Local stopped her and asked what she was doing out in the street.

Her daughter saw what was going on left the house and tried to explain, but to no avail.  Maria must now pay €601 for a “serious offence” and flouting State of Alarm travel restrictions.

She intends to pay up promptly to be eligible for a 50 per cent reduction but is indignant at the “lack of understanding and common sense.”

Maria’s daughter has been to Rocafort’s Policia Local to complain: “But to top it all they told me I should be grateful they hadn’t fined my mother €1,500 instead,” she seethed.


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