Table tax return to Huercal-Overa businesses to soften blow of Covid-19

AIMS: The Economic Management councillor said the administration wants to help ease the effects of the pandemic on the trade and hospitality sectors CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Hurcal-Overa

HUERCAL-OVERA council has modified fiscal bylaws to allow for giving back businesses the local tax they have paid for putting out tables, chairs and signs in public places.

The tax is now suspended until the end of this year.

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“We are trying to ease the effects of Covid-19 on the trade and hospitality sectors in our municipality”, explained Economic Management and Employment Development councillor Monica Navarro.

“More than 70 families live from hotels and catering, and after the pandemic lived through recently, and which we are still living through, it is more than necessary to adopt urgent measures like this”, the councillor added.

She pointed out that trade and business had really suffered due to the lockdown.

“We cannot wait and see how and when the assistance and subsidies from other administrations arrive”, she said.

“In our locality there are more than 400 businesses, between activities of local trade, hospitality, accommodation, self-employed: small and medium-sized businesses which are those being affected by this situation.”

Navarro maintained that Huercal-Overa council is working as fast as it can to process businesses’ requests for Covid-19 crisis assistance. She reported that to date 165 of the 235 requests received have been dealt with.


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