Nine Month-old-Baby Rushed into Care after Poisoned by Cocaine and Hashish at Drug-Fuelled Party in Alicante, Spain

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Nine-month-old baby poisoned by cocaine and hashish at a birthday party in Calpe. image: Wikipedia

A nine-month-old baby was rushed to hospital on Tuesday after being intoxicated by hashish and cocaine during a birthday party in the Alicante town of Calpe.

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THE child’s aunt took him to the hospital after catching him putting cigarettes in his mouth. The events happened on Tuesday in a rented villa in the Alicante town of Calpe. The woman took the baby straight to the Marina Salud hospital in Denia, where he remains admitted, although the doctors, who confirmed that narcotics still remain in his body, do not fear for his life at this time.

According to investigators, the baby’s parents were worryingly not at the party when the poisoning occurred.

Taken into care

Because of this, the Guardia has opened an investigation to clarify the facts, while the Department of Equality of the Generalitat Valenciana has demanded that the child is not returned to his family when he is discharged. The General Directorate of Childhood and Adolescence has been given the case file and is looking into to see if the child was mistreated or abandoned which could lead to criminal charges bought against his guardians.

#alicante #drugs #calpe #spain #baby #drugged


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