Mojacar council collaborating with Red Cross to help most vulnerable

ASSISTANCE: The council is aiming to help vulnerable groups like the elderly, chronically ill, disabled, the unemployed and people with dependents experiencing difficulties CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Mojacar

MOJACAR council is collaborating with the Red Cross to help the neediest in the municipality.

Mayor Rosmari Cano has signed a collaboration agreement with the president of the local assembly of the Spanish Red Cross, Concepción Rivero Puche, which includes a transfer of €10,000 for residents in a position of social vulnerability.

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This financial support, from the Council’s own budget, was deemed necessary after looking into the cases of local people suffering from the consequences of the current health crisis. Within this collaborative framework, reports are made by Community Social Services, which are then referred to the Red Cross.

The council said the mayor intends, within the scope of her responsibilities, to provide speedy and effective assistance to improve the well-being of any person or family in the town in a vulnerable situation, whether they are experiencing basic, social or health needs.

Help will be given wherever possible to the elderly, the chronically ill or disabled, without a family support network, unemployed or in poverty, Assistance will also be aimed at families with children or other dependents experiencing difficulties and the homeless.

Mojácar Council will ensure that the aims agreed with the Red Cross are met, with both parties giving their full commitment to confidentiality and personal data protection.


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