Lockdown has Given One Costa del Sol Council Time for School Renovations

Four schools being painted Credit: Estepona Council

THE closure of schools due to the Covid-19 pandemic has meant that the Estepona Council has had the chance to undertake no less than 268 improvement across places of learning in the municipality.

In addition to this general remedial work it is also commencing painting in four schools, renovating the roof of the El Nido nursery school and building a new perimeter wall at the Cancelada nursery school.

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The work which started on June 15 was planned following a review of each empty building to ensure that when the children return, they will be welcomed by cleaner, fresher classrooms, many of which will now be better insulated to cope with both heat and cold.

Schools take up a great deal of council workers time and effort with as many as 1,000 repairs every year, but this enforced closure has resulted in a great deal of positive work taking place in a short period of time.


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