Buying furniture in Spain in summer 2020, after the COVID-19 lockdown

British homeowners in Spain are able to visit their homes again. Credit: Don Baraton

SUMMER is the usual time to make some home improvements and buy some furniture and other home items. 2020 is different.

Now that most of the restrictions are lifted the British homeowners in Spain are able to visit the country again. Just in case you missed it – all furniture shops and factories were closed from mid-March until mid-June.

Is there any difference in furnishing your home in Spain after the lockdown?


The furniture shops are now open but the supply is changed:
– Some furniture factories and shops went out of business.
– Many factories are receiving an unusually high amount of orders because of the delayed demand from recent months when locals didn’t buy. Local furniture season moved from spring to summer.
– The industry is experiencing a shortage of many components and materials imported from China. These supplies are not back to normal yet.
– Spain is not doing things differently this year in terms of vacations – most factories and shops will close for three weeks from in July and August.
– Demand for furniture rose, as people spend more time at home. Furniture wears out faster and people care more about what they have inside.

If you are planning to return to Spain soon you definitely don’t want to spend your possibly shortened holidays in Spain looking for the furniture and waiting for deliveries.

What to take into account ordering furniture online:
– Place the order in advance while in the UK.
– Check with the shop if the items you are planning to buy can be delivered. Some factories are closed and you want to make sure there will be no serious delay.
– If you want your furniture to be assembled – check if the service can be provided in your area. Some shop will deliver but won’t assemble during the out the state of alarm in Spain
– If your order will be delivered in your absence check of your keyholders are still able to accept the order.
– Consider buying placing the order now and then get your furniture delivered immediately after you are back in Spain. Some shops will keep the paid items for you and then deliver immediately when you can accept the order.

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