What More Heat? – 40 Degree Heatwave Forecast for Spain this Thursday!


It’s gonna be a hot one – The Spanish Met Office said that the first heatwave of the summer will arrive on Thursday and will last until Saturday.

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THE State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has explained that these high temperatures are the consequence of warm masses of air originating from the African continent.

Temperatures are expected to reach a sweltering 40ºC on Thursday and are expected to decrease slightly through Friday and Saturday, reaching ‘normal’ 37-degree temperatures on Sunday.

Aemet has warned that precautions must be taken, especially for the elderly and children. It is recommended to drink plenty of water – without waiting to be thirsty, avoid going out during the central hours of the day. They recommend not to eat large meals and eat fruit and vegetables instead. Wear light and breathable clothing, do not do sports outdoors during the hottest hours and use solar protection – all common sense instructions.

Holidaymakers in the UK will, however, not experience a heatwave! Highest temperatures for Thursday in the UK according to the BBC weather chart will be a staggering 27ºC. Just trying to cheer us all up!

Trivia – Where is the hottest place in Spain today?

Costa Tropical is near Granada airport and is one of the hottest places in Spain. This area is located between Costa del Sol and Costa de Almeria. The area is a collection of small towns and villages and is less crowded than its neighbouring coasts.

They also requested to call the emergency phone 112 Andalucía if you see any indication of fire.


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