While you were sleeping… Almeria police catch up with after dark burglars

INVESTIGATION: Evidence collected at the scene of the crimes helped investigators identify the second suspect. CREDIT: Policia Nacional Almeria

POLICE have arrested two individuals suspected of breaking into properties in Almeria city centre at night while the occupants were at home sleeping.

Investigators said the pair made the most of people leaving windows open for ventilation. They either scaled up walls or lowered themselves down to where they could get in and within a matter of minutes steal small items of value, mainly cash and jewellery.

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Police have attributed seven robberies from occupied homes to the two.

But it all went pear-shaped for the burglars when they decided to target a property in Calle Moncada Calvache and the owner surprised them. The thieves made off, but the owner went chasing down the road after one of them while calling 091 for police help.

The result was the one robber detained, but one got away.

The investigation focused on factors like the times and the dates of the break-ins and evidence collected at the scene of the crimes. Within a fortnight police had identified and arrested the suspected accomplice.


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