Request made to invest in education

Request made to invest in hiring more teachers.

THE Region of Murcia will receive €73 million of the €2,000 million from the extraordinary fund that the central government will allocate to the autonomous communities to meet the costs generated by the coronavirus in the educational system, as assured by the PSRM – PSOE in a statement.

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The socialist mayors in the Region of Murcia have asked the regional government to invest part of that amount in hiring more teachers and the cleaning and disinfection of educational centres.

The council members have demanded that the community explain “what it is going to do” with this financial aid and recalled that the PSOE and “the whole” educational community have been asking the community president, Fernando López Miras, for weeks, for the “same commitment” that the central government has shown with this extraordinary fund.

“We are no longer in a state of alarm, the regional government is running out of excuses, the powers in health and education are it’s own and, therefore, it must stop evading its responsibilities and focus on creating solutions and taking the necessary measures to face the beginning of the course with maximum security, “indicated the councillors of the PSOE.

In this sense, they have said that, without good educational planning, the problem of conciliation will “worsen even more” in the case of possible outbreaks, for which reason it has also asked the Executive of López Miras to make the necessary resources available.

“The virus is still among us, and in these extraordinary circumstances, the Ministry of Education must give a response that matches,” added the statement before highlighting that the regional executive “has not understood the situation, or prefers to tiptoe around it.”


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