Exotic animals seized by Guardia Civil

Vietnamese pigs: An exotic species classified as invasive. Credit: Alicante Guardia Civil

THE Alicante Guardia Civil carried out several actions last week related to wild animal species, invasive species or those not native to Spain and others, hunted illegally.

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The Patrulla del Servicio de Protección a la Naturaleza (SEPRONA) of Elche, in order to enforce the legislation on the environment, after carrying out an inspection on a plot of an illegal area, has seized two Vietnamese pigs, a species classified as invasive, and a wild boar, illegally caught, that the owner had kept as a pet.

Apparently, the wild boar came from poaching, carried out by means of a hunting group. The animal, which was placed in a cage, had injuries to the muzzle, probably related to the stress caused by being locked up.

The Vietnamese pigs are an exotic species classified as invasive (due to the uncontrolled and damaging expansion of wild ecosystems that has been taking place in recent years), so their possession is prohibited.

After the steps were taken, a report was carried out for alleged violations of the Hunting Law of the Valencian Community and the Natural Heritage and Biodiversity Law, for the possession of species included in the Spanish Catalogue of Invasive Exotic Species. The alleged poacher was also denounced for the lack of authorisation for a zoological area and for lacking an administrative license for small poultry farms for self-consumption.

The wild boar has been taken to the Santa Faz Wild Animals Recovery Centre, and the Vietnamese pigs will be handled by the Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological transition.



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