Concerted call to think again

Not One Positive Covid Test At Alicante Airport Over Easter
Not One Positive Covid Test At Alicante Airport Over Easter Photo credit: FoxR

HOTELIERS’ association Hosbec, the Generalitat and Benidorm town hall urged Britain to re-think its 14-day quarantine demand for Spain.

Meanwhile, Generalitat president Ximo Puig pointed out that the Valencian Community, and Alicante province in particular, have a lower Covid-19 incidence that the UK.

“The decision does not appear to be justified by current information,” Puig said.


He was “enormously concerned” by the situation and the consequences that Boris Johnson’s decision would have on this year’s tourist season.

Hosbec president Toni Mayor described the shock quarantine decision as a “heavy blow” that “poured cold water” on hoteliers’ hopes for the summer.

“We had a good feeling about the coming weeks,” Mayor said.

“Bookings were encouraging and although they were far from normal for this time of the year, we were hoping that things would have stabilised by September and October.

Britons account for 40 per cent of Benidorm’s visitors and many of the hotels that were still closed were preparing to reopen for August, the Hosbec president revealed.

“The Benidorm-Costa Blanca area is far from having a worrying health situation and bears no resemblance to what is happening in communities further north,” declared Mayor, who wants “safe air corridor” status for Alicante airport, similar to that of Baleares and the Canary Islands.

Benidorm’s mayor Toni Perez always weighed in, calling on Spain’s government to “act rapidly” in favour of the tourist industry, and Benidorm and the Costa Blanca in particular.

Linda came to Spain to live when she was 24, just over 52 years ago, and her husband is Spanish. She began writing for English-language local newspapers in the mid-1970s and hasn’t stopped since! She leads a Spanish life, which she believes is vital when conveying the news to English-speaking residents, and along the way she produced two editions of Expand Your Spanish, helping English-speakers to enlarge their knowledge of the language. She was excited to be in at the birth of the Euro Weekly News in 1999 and is still passionately writing for the paper 22 years later.


  1. Is the UK’s response surprising? End of July, Torrevieja, a top holiday destination is a ghost town. There are few folks in evidence ~ all stupidly wearing masks, some even at bars. And these idiots expect holidaymakers to flood here. As the Americans say, ‘you can’t fix stupid.’ April / May 1.07million join the unemployment register.

    The mortality rate for coronavirus is 0.3% ~ 1.5%. (Wall Street Journal based on several studies). Most conclude that five to ten people out of 1,000 dies or 0.5% ~ 1%. Ignoring facts media implies a far greater mortality rate. Fear not what mainstreme media tells you; fear more what they are not telling you.


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