BREAKING NEWS: Millions Off-Line as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger go Down


Instagram, Facebook and the web version of the WhatsApp messaging application have suffered an outage are off-line to millions of users.

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The incident is affecting millions of users on both platforms. In the first update, the message jumps: “An error has occurred, it reloads”, while in the second it does not load directly and in the third, the clock keeps spinning and the messages are never sent.

Whatsapp Facebook Instagram Messenger down

It is understood teams of technicians are desperately trying to trace the fault- cyber terrorism has NOT been ruled out.

On March 13, Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram services were down for nearly 24 hours and this was called as one of the worst outages to hit the company. It had later tweeted that the problem was caused due to “server configuration change” which left many people unable to access Facebook’s apps and services.

Check back later for an update on this breaking news story.



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