Another European Country Warns Against Travelling to Spain

European countries advise against travelling to Spain Photo: Shutterstock

Another European country, other than the United Kingdom, warns against travelling to Spain due to the high rate of coronavirus cases some regions in the country are currently experiencing. Although Fernando Simon has argued that these restrictions bring relief to Spain in terms of imported cases, it places a heavy burden on the tourism industry.

The United Kingdom along with Belgium and Norway recommend against travelling to Spain. Now the definitive blow to tourism has been dealt as the Netherlands and Germany are the latest European countries to not recommend travel to Spain.

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Belgium and Norway to their citizens not to travel to Spain has meant the definitive blow to tourism. The Netherlands and Germany now join the list of countries that recommend against travelling to Spain due to epidemiological risk it poses.

The Dutch government recently adjusted their travel recommendations to Barcelona and its surroundings, which now have an orange warning. The Dutch government strictly recommend only necessary travel to this region. It also urges its citizens to immediately return to the Netherlands and to quarantine upon their return.

In an updated version of the map which shows the travel recommendations, the Dutch Foreign Ministry explained that it only recommends travelling to Barcelona and its entire periphery if there is a necessary reason.

That is why Rutte urgently argues that people should not make a trip to the Cataluñan. The Dutch decision, therefore, adds to that of the United Kingdom, Belgium and Norway. The Dutch ministry added that the number of infections by COVID -19 has increased in Barcelona and its peripheral municipalities, so these areas go from being represented in yellow, which does allow tourist trips, to the colour orange.

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