Andalucia Reduces Nightclub Capacity to 60 Per Cent to Try to Combat Covid-19 Spike

Smaller groups allowed in restaurants Credit: Shutterstock

IN a surprise decision, the Andalucia Government has introduced a number of new measures which will affect the hospitality industry once again.

The most wide-reaching decision will see the capacity of bares de copas and nightclubs cut from 75 to 60 per cent and table sizes reduced from 25 to 12 in restaurants whilst nightclubs will need to keep a register of guests details so that they may be contacted in the event of an outbreak of coronavirus.

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Once again, the ordering of drinks at bars has been banned and drinks will have to be ordered at a pre-assigned table.

Whilst the whole of Spain argues against the introduction of quarantine measures for travellers returning to the UK, this could either be taken as an acceptance that a problem does exist or as a prudent measure to help the UK change its mind.


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