Residents of Costa del Sol Street Can Do Nothing About Bad Smell and Rats

diogenes syndrome
The exterior of the building Credit: Marbellasequeja

DIOGENES SYNDROME is a behavioural disorder that affects older adults and the main symptoms are excessive hoarding, dirty homes, and poor personal hygiene as well as withdrawal from life and society.

Unfortunately for residents of Calle Madrid in Marbella one of their neighbours was diagnosed with this problem and some three weeks ago their house caught fire and because of the accumulation of rubbish, there was a serious blaze.

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Whilst the police have cordoned off the area, nothing has been done about the remains and local residents are complaining about the smell and the fact that the house has attracted rats which are finding their way into other houses.

As it is a private property, the council is not able at this stage to do anything about clearing the mess from the building.


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