Police keep guard over Spanish hospital

A close eye: Admitted to the Hospital General Universitario for observation. Credit: Facebook

POLICIA Nacional officers of Alicante, Elche and Benidorm are keeping a close eye on immigrants admitted to the Hospital General Universitario, in Elche, in the worry that they may try to make an escape attempt.

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The immigrants, who arrived in different boats to the coast of various towns in the province of Alicante, now number more than one hundred people, who do not want to be confined to hospital facilities. During the past weekend, there were moments of tension, with an attempted riot by the more than one hundred people who remain in the medical centre.

At first, they had been admitted to the hospital emergency room to undergo observation where samples were taken for a PCR test. Later they were taken to the centre because the field hospital does not have air conditioning and lacks sufficient legal permits for hospital admission of people.

Despite that, they were finally transferred to the tents of the field hospital, where they will remain in quarantine for fifteen days. If they give negative for COVID they will be assigned somewhere to move them. Meanwhile, the Policia Nacional officers have reinforced surveillance, leaving the police stations of Alicante, Elche and Benidorm to a minimum.


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