New rules for managing Inca feral cat colonies

STRATEGY: The procedure for controlling feral cat populations will be based on Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) CREDIT: Brocken Inaglory

INCA council has approved new rules for the management of feral cat colonies in the locality.

The aim is have control over all the colonies and to “guarantee their correct maintenance in harmony with the environment”, Environment and Animal Welfare councillor Biel Frontera said.

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The new regulations, an extension of the existing municipal bylaw on pet ownership, set out the guidelines and establish that the procedure for controlling feral cat populations will be based on the  (TNR) strategy.

In order to gain authorisation for the existence of a colony those in charge of its management will have to request its inclusion on the municipal register.

There have to be at least two authorised managers, who will be responsible for feeding the cats.

The new rules also establish that cat colonies have to be maintained in the place where the animals have gathered, and they should not be relocated.

A further aim is to prevent cats from being abandoned in feral colonies and to activate birth periodic birth control campaigns.

The Environment and Animal Welfare council made a particular point of thanking the volunteers and animal associations which look after the feral colonies and which put also put forward proposals for inclusion in the regulations.


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