Gibraltar Travellers Will Not be Quarantined in UK Provided They Haven’t Been in Spain

UK quarantine
The Chief Minister announces the news Credit: GBC Twitter

MANY people have been asking about the situation with regards to travel from Gibraltar to the UK and whether passengers will have to go into quarantine for 14 days.

The Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has now (July 27) advised that this would not be enforced for anybody who has been staying in Gibraltar and has not been in or out of Spain within 14 days before travel.

In such cases where passengers have been in Spain, they will be required to advise authorities at the UK airport of entry and quarantine would be required.


The Chief Minister said when announcing this, “In our view that fairly reflects that the Gibraltar airport should not be used as a back door to the UK by those who have been in Spain.”

He also tweeted that the Gibraltar Government is in communication with the UK Ministry of Transport over the situation and admitted that it will be difficult to enforce who has come from Spain as it relies on honesty but there could also be a paper trail.


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