Councillor assures affirmative measures

Resident resources: Councillor for Social rights, Mariano Valera Credit: Facebook

SOCIAL Services of Elche Town Hall pay for and distribute masks and other hygienic-sanitary materials to people and families without resources or at risk of exclusion.

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This is what was stated by the councillor for Social Rights, Mariano Valera, when he discovered the intention of the Popular Group to present an “in voce” motion requesting proof of what the Consistorio has been doing to help residents since April.

In fact, as Valera explained, four months ago a budget dedicated to economic benefits was approved, in which it was decided to increase emergency aid by more than triple. “Before the state of alarm, the individual benefit was €360 per quarter. In April we decided to raise it to €350 per month, increasing according to the number of members of the coexistence unit.”

Also, he assured that the measures of the Town Hall go much further than that questioned by the opposition and that with the “continuous and real” payment of social emergency aid, needs such as masks and other basic products are covered.


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