Costa del Sol’s Police Tighten Controls and Checkpoints to Stop Cars

(Old File Image) CREDIT: Guardia Civil Twitter

POLICE presence on the Costa del Sol is booming as the streets of Fuengirola are reportedly flooded with patrol cars and check-points. Now the Costa del Sol’s police tighten controls and checkpoints to make sure all citizens are wearing a mask, and if they are not, to see if they are in the same family.

Please make sure that you all wear a mask when you are travelling with one, or more, passengers in your car, who do not all officially live at the same address. According to news sources, the police have been seen in various parts of the Costa del Sol conducting checkpoints to strictly ensure that this rule is being enforced.

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There has been a heavy police presence throughout the day, with checkpoints in Elviria and Fuengirola. As well as police cars patrolling around Los Boliches and Yaramar.

Given the higher rates of the coronavirus, police are tightening controls and increasing the number of checkpoints across the Costa del Sol. Spain is one of the European countries with some of the worst outbreaks, specifically in Catalonia and Aragon.

In order to avoid this from happening in Andalucia and the Costa del Sol, police are knuckling down on the rules. They are ensuring they are enforced and they are not taking the situation lightly.

If you have had a similar experience with the police in regards to face masks and checkpoints, make sure to leave a comment.

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