Thief targeting garages and storerooms under arrest

INVESTIGATION: Police discovered the thief had a copy of the remote control opening the garage door CREDIT: Policia Nacional

POLICE have arrested a 26-year old man for a series of robberies from garages and storerooms in the same residential complex in Almeria city.

The investigation revealed the thief had got hold of a copy of the remote control giving access to the garage and would drive inside in a vehicle with fake number plates covering the real ones to avoid being identified.

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The first reported break-in was towards the end of last month. The thief got away with four motorbike helmets and clothing for motorcyclists kept in a storeroom cupboard.

This was followed by a report the lock had been forced on another storeroom and a bicycle was missing.

Investigators attributed the theft of two bikes left locked with chains in garage spaces, plus the robbery of a bike from inside a van and a paddle surf board from the interior of another vehicle to the same individual.

A court ordered the suspected thief be held in prison.


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