Hundreds of Migrants Arrive to the Coasts of Murcia

SALVAMENTO MARITIMO. Photo: @walkingborders

Hundreds of migrants arrive at the coasts of Murcia over the weekend, some of which have tested positive for the coronavirus. The Guardia Civil and Salvamiento Martimo have helped 418 immigrants cross over into Spain’s coasts since Friday. There were 31 paddle boats arriving at Murcia, most of the migrants are men from Algeria.

According to sources from the Government delegation, this Friday, 13 boats arrived with 186 immigrants on board. Whilst on Saturday, 18 boats arrived with a total of 232 people on board.

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So far, two of the immigrants have tested positive for coronavirus after PCR tests were carried out and they have both been transferred to a health centre. For this reason, all of the immigrants have been quarantined.

There is also a search team trying to locate a fifteen of them who managed to escape the presence of the security and rescue corps. They estimate that throughout the weekend, boats that have been located by the coastal surveillance service will continue to arrive at the Murcia coast.

The occupants of the boats have been transferred to the Escombreras dock (Cartagena), where there is a team is waiting for them, guarded by the National Police, where they will be attended to by the Red Cross. These Red Cross workers check the state of health of the hundreds of migrants and provide them with assistance, clothing and feeding.



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