Car count system trialing in Mallorca resort Deia

OBJECTIVE: The aim is “a more efficient management of traffic to the benefit of both residents and tourists”, the Mallorca government said. CREDIT: Consell de Mallorca Noticias

THE Mallorca government has been trialing a system in Deia which gives real time information on the number of cars in an area.

The administration explained the aim of the pilot project is to “obtain a more efficient management of traffic to the benefit of both residents and tourists.”

The Mobility and Infrastructure department initiative is part of the Smart Island platform, which the administration said is all about improving Mallorcans’ quality of life and regulating tourism activity through the application of technology.


The mobile station has a system for collecting information on passing vehicles and occupation levels for traffic on certain roads where there is difficult access or little in the way of parking. The information is displayed to motorists on mobile panels with changing messages.

“The intention is to prevent a massive influx of vehicles which create congestion in protected areas”, commented Mallorca Mobility and Infrastructure councillor Ivan Sevillano, who went to take a look at the system functioning in Deia with local Mayor Lluis Apesteguia and Valldemossa Mayo Nadal Torres.

Sevillano said the information gathered would be analysed to allow for a future reordering of mobility, with greater respect for the environment.

The councillor pointed out a similar trial had been carried out in Manacor a week earlier and said a similar station will be set up at Valldemossa port in the coming weeks.

In the winter months traffic capacity controls will shift to the Serra de Tramuntana zone.


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